DueDiligencer's Advanced Web-Based Business Evaluation

A thorough breakdown of the website and its business.

The Advanced Web-Business Evaluation for potential buyers is the upper-most standard in verifying the online business. Every report will provide you with a complete breakdown of the site and its business.

The Expert evaluation is also provided as the part of verification. Check what is included or you can download the sample report from the end of this page.

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Business evaluation

Based on our records, our final opinion is purely based on the online business niche and normally available data on its recent market averages, we will provide the evaluation range for your expected purchase.

And also other than its valuation, we also explain the factor which enhance as well as decrease its value. It offers the in-depth vision of the expected opportunities to enhance the value of website, for if you complete its purchase.

On-Site Verifications

Most of the online business are dependent on search engines, even for a very low amount of traffic. Failing to observe their policies and terms can ultimately result the website in a penalty or complete ban.

This will cause the loss of traffic = loss of potential revenue few months after you have completed the purchase. We verify multiple factors to valuate the complaince, uniqueness and quality of the website offered for sale, explaining the potential issues that may require correction.

We also check for:

  • Possible Trademark Violations: The registered trademarks in the name or domain of website are the real risk to online business. The respective trademark owners can easily claim domain's ownership, or can take prosecute you as a new owner.
  • Possible attempts to falsely fabricate Analytics: Our stable check attempt on the key visitors metrics of website is to benchmark the site against the normal averages of its business niche. This may alert the situations in which low quality data of site leads to the bad engagement or where the potential buyers ares deceived with falsely fabricated analytics.
  • Reliance on Third Parties: Most of the websites use the services or products of the third party vendors. We closely check for the reliance which cannot be replaced easily and may inflict threat to the working or business of the site for if the third party discontinues providing it.
On Site Factors

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Marketing and Traffic Evaluation

The most common way the latest purchased business fails is with Disappearance of the traffic = disappearance of revenue in the initial 12 months of its ownership changed. Most of the reasons for disappearance of the traffic can be recognized before the purchase of site is completed. Our Marketing and Traffic Evaluations will watchfully alert you about them.

We verify each and every vital source which brings the returning as well as unique visitors to the website. We closely check each one for its sustainability, quality and the over reliance of the website's traffic on it. It assists recognizing the problem areas in sum.

We also check for:

Marketing and Traffic
  • Engagement of Visitors: The poor engagement of the visitors could be a clear sign that content of the website is not of god quality or not directly relevant to the most of the website's visitors. It is normal with the websites automatically generating there content, that could possible lead towards the difficulty in maintainance of the upcoming traffic levels.
  • Ranking of Keywords:The decrease and disappearance of the website's main keywords from search engines like Google etc. could be an initial warning that website is going to lose traffic or worst, get panelized. On the other hand, a major shift towards its opposite route can often recognize businesses tend to go for the abrupt increase after the purchase is completed.
  • Purchased Traffic: Such Purchased traffic or adverts sources will be recognized and spotlighted that will not be declared clearly by the sellers. Relying on the paid sources is not a risk, but it is signifcant to look for if its costs are sufficiently defined in the financial information provided by the seller.
  • BackLink Profile of Website: We verify the backlink profile of the website to provide the early evidence of any problem which is possible to appear and cause harm to the long term search traffic feasibility of the website.
  • About Social Media Handles: Most of the websites are offered for sale without transferring its complete connected soial media handles along the sale. We locate the connections through public sources and grade the overall social presence to provide you with the overview of authenticity as well as quality of its fans and followers on social networks.

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Monetization and Revenue Verification

Along-with verifying the traffic sources of the site, no evalution could be said of being complete without complete overview of its each and every revenue source. We inspect all the major sources of revenue completely, checking their sustainability and contribution to recognize short term or risky earning of revenue.

We also check for:

  • Exchange-ability of Revenue Accounts:   Often it is not known to the expected buyers that some revenue accounts could not be exchanged, only can be re-created. The least loss will be of the records history (which may affect the resale value of the purchased site) but maximum it could get to the losing clients and/or subscribers also.
  • Online Advertisement Networks Complaince:For the websites using and earning through Google Adsense, Yahoo | Bing Advertising, Bidvertiser, Amazon etc., failure of complying to their terms and conditions may result in the discontinuance of the Ad Network Account. Generally, this may cause the interruption to the revenue and/or complete loss for many months in some cases. We evaluate any such operations, that are potential of falling short so they could be assigned before time.
  • Revenue Metrics:We evaluate the main revenue metrics with the standard measures in related business industry. It assists to possibly recognize the situations including fraudulent, wrong or inflated claims made by seller.

If you require verifying the provided numbers are true and exact, please check our Live Verification and Due Diligence Service.

Monetisation and Revenue

Maintenance and Operation Evaluation

The required time and cost of running the expected purchase is normally the difference among buying an established website and/or purchasing the least wage job.

We assess the business setup offered for sale, and check for the normal skills and methods needed for its full operation. Relying on our personal experiences, we measure time for internally completing its each function. It assists to picturize that what is needed to operate the business, which can be further compared with what picture of website-operation is provided by its seller.

We also check for:

Maintenance and Operations
  • Expertness required to Operate: Most Online Businesses fail due to inadequate skills of the buyers to operate and maintain it. We check for what is needed, hardships in learning such expertness as well as its outsourcing practicability.
  • Costs to Outsource: We assess the possible costs of outsourcing the maintenance and operation of each and every function of the business idea in accordance of our personal experiences. It can be used to recognize the actual and normal costs for really running the business idea as a passive investment.

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Information regarding the Seller:

We perform a normal background check on seller to look-out for the other websites, domains or other online business owned by them, irregard of they were disclosed or not.

Further to possibly compete with the business offered for sale, their owned other websites in same business niche can include its backlinks or might be providing traffic to the offered website for sale. And if such backlinks etc. Are removed after purchase of the website is completed then it may have the injurious effect on its traffic.

In addition to potentially competing with the business they’re selling, other sites they own in the same niche may contain backlinks to, or provide traffic for the site being sold. If you made the purchase and those links were removed, this can have a detrimental effect of your new investment’s traffic.


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Ownership Evaluations

The most critical matter of keeping yourself safe while purchasing the online business is to have the exact information about website’s ownership. We check for the recent as well as past owners of the domain name, underlining any possible changes in the ownership which might have taken place earlier.

It not only helps in the ownership verification of the online business, but it may also inform vigilantly regarding the ‘Troublesome Online Business’ where anybody bought the respective business but quickly attempting to resell it.

We also check for:

Server and Domain Verifications
  • Ownership Restricted: Some domains names have the specific restrictions related to who can own them legally, Putting the new purchase at stake for if failed meeting their rules and standards.
  • Spam and Blacklist Checks If the Seller of the business or anyone used their servers to spam the web, it may affect oddly related to your upcoming business through the purchased website. We thoroughly inspect for such evidences in Spam and Blacklist Databases.
  • Actual Age of the Domain and Website:. Age of the Website does not actually starts from the date of the age of domain. We seek to verify the actual age of the site being offered for sale. Start-up Websites or Online Business are more vulnerable than that which are in operation from the long periods of time.