Remove the Risks while Purchasing the Online Business!

We on behalf of our Client (Buyer) perform the type of investigation that significantly enhance the amount and quality of information available to decision maker (Buyer) and we also ensure that the information is systematically used to deliberate in a reflexive manner on the decision at hand and all its costs, benefits and risks.

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(Doubts) your Big Questions?

Our Answers....... help you push the anxious uncertainties out of your questioning state of mind.

  • Will the "Traffic" remain the same, rush or get lighter on this website after few weeks or months of my purchase?
  • Does the seller of this site also owns another web-business or can develop one that would compete with the proposed one?
  • Has the Proposed Site or its Pages ever been banned, blacklisted, penalized or added into the spam list by the Online Search Engines, Social Networks etc.?
  • Will the supply of products or services being offered thru proposed Web-Business will continue in same way after the purchase completes and so on?
  • Is there any sort of possible attempt to falsely fabricate the Analytics and Revenue records of the Web based Business?
  • What sort of expertness is required to keep on maintaining the proposed online business for sale?
  • Will there be any sort of trademark violation related to the proposed web business and/or its services?
  • What should be the approximate price?

We have gathered our collective Web-Properties’ Trading experiences and created a comprehensive system to carefully investigate and audit the necessary information to confirm all material facts on actual or potential risks involved in an investment in web based business (Website, Domain, App or other kind of Web-Business) that helps our clients to stay confirmed that they saved time and avoided the loss from frauds and scams and had had the full research before practically buying the business.

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DueDiligencer Website Evaluation
Live Site Verifications

Evade getting Duped with the Wrong or Exaggerated Information

You bought an eCommerce Site for USD $14,000 about which the seller stated that it will generate a profit of USD $2,500, if given 7-14 Hrs. Per week.

But after 90 days of time period you come to depressing & surprising conclusion that it only makes under USD $1,000. And that also only for when you have given more time, i.e. 28-30 hrs. Per week. So this way, your dream of earning the passive income will become a least-wage job, for which you already OverPaid to its Seller.

Now feel safe as you can easily eliminate such-like drastic mistakes in your web based business purchases by getting the Authenticated Marketing, Operational and Financial Reports by the DueDiligencer services. We will also provide you with the complete Niche based insight alongwith the Bench-mark in some areas, to assist you in knowing for if the supplied figures are right or exaggerated.

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Stay Safe from the Scammers

Because of the anonymity of the Web it has become very easy for Scammers or Criminals to con or trick the buyers into transferring the sum of money for the worthless sites. Our Live Authentication and Due Diligence Reports Service will keep you safe from the frauds and scams.

We connect with the sellers independently to authenticate and confirm the figures, including financial information, operational costs, marketing data as well as traffic.

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Online Scam Artist
DueDiligencer Website Evaluation

Professional Guidance

We, the Team has more than Seven Years of experience in trading the Startup as well as Established Websites and Online Businesses. And the same expertise is packaged by us for creating a complete fool-proof system that may assist the fellow web owners or webmasters (newbies as well as experts, alike) interested in buying online businesses.

Our Website Evaluation inspects the several technical factors related to the site to be bought, and provides the buyer with the understandable analysis report that helps the buyer to comfortably decide to purchase it or not.

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